Strengthening the Grid with New Transmission

Grid United is developing a series of utility-scale transmission line projects to increase reliability, mitigate the impact of extreme weather events, and provide electricity consumers with access to low-cost resources. Grid United’s transmission projects are open to all sources of electric power generation.

Our Projects

North Plains Connector

North Plains Connector is an approximately 385-mile, up to 600 kilovolt high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission line connecting the Eastern and Western Interconnections in Montana and North Dakota.

Pecos West

Pecos West is an approximately 280-mile, 525 kilovolt HVDC intertie line stretching from Bakersfield in Pecos County to El Paso, providing a valuable link between ERCOT and the Western Interconnection. 

Southline Transmission Project

Grid United and Black Forest Partners are co-developing the Southline Transmission Project (Southline), a 280-mile, double-circuit, high voltage transmission line and associated substation facilities. Southline will connect the electrical transmission systems of the El Paso and Tucson metropolitan areas and comprises new facilities as well as upgraded WAPA facilities.

Three Corners Connector

Three Corners Connector is an up to 300-mile, 525 kilovolt HVDC transmission line connecting the existing electric systems near Pueblo, Colorado, and the Oklahoma Panhandle, providing a valuable link between the Eastern and Western Interconnections.  

Wyoming Intertie

Wyoming Intertie is an approximately 100-mile, high voltage transmission line that will connect the Eastern and Western Interconnections by linking infrastructure in Carbon County, Wyoming to that in Platte County, Wyoming.