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Supporting America's Energy Future by Expanding the Grid

It is no secret that Americans are facing more severe weather events, greatly affecting our access to electricity when it is needed the most. The existing transmission system was created primarily as a result of local utility planning to connect population centers with nearby conventional power plants. With an increasing amount of weather-related power outages, more renewables on the grid, and the rapid transition towards the electrification of transportation, the time has come to modernize our antiquated electrical grid. As it stands today, the grid is insufficient to meet current demands.

Grid United has a mission to do just what our name implies – unite the U.S. electric grid by building new long-distance, interregional transmission lines to ensure that Americans have access to low-cost power when and where it is needed. We are focused solely on accelerating the much needed expansion and modernization of America’s electric power infrastructure to build a more reliable grid, create good-paying jobs, and deliver low-cost, clean, domestically-produced energy to businesses and homeowners across the country.

We recognize that our projects will have a long-term presence in the communities where they are proposed, and we aim to foster long-term partnerships with landowners and local stakeholders. We strive to conduct ourselves in a manner that is fair and respectful and are committed to working with landowners and local residents to understand the unique characteristics of each community and property. Grid United places great importance on maintaining the relationships we build with landowners and communities as we work to fulfill the goals of enhanced grid resilience and energy security, job creation, and local economic development.

Leveraging our expertise in linear infrastructure, we seek strategic partnerships to advance opportunities to develop, construct, own, and operate transmission projects throughout the United States. Grid United believes that local utilities will often see fit to participate as owners or customers of the lines we are developing.

Meet our Team

Our team is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the energy industry who have managed, built and financed large-scale infrastructure projects across North America.

Patsy Baynard

Vice President – Project Development

Bryant Coon

Project Development Director

Brian Dudeck 

Project Manager

Margo Fendrich

Project Manager

Kristen Williams Golden

General Counsel

Will Harrop

Manager of Grid Analytics

Brant Johnson

Vice President – North Plains Connector

Raj Mahagaokar 

Chief Financial Officer

Jason Mendez


Gimod Mathew

Vice President – Transmission Strategy

Bill Phelps

Vice President - Land

Ben Semmes  

Project Development Director

Michael Skelly

Chief Executive Officer

Jill Smith

Office Manager/Executive Assistant

Christina Tamayo

Project Manager

Hoa Tran

Development Director

Allie Wahrenberger

Director of Engineering

Kris Zadlo

Chief Development Officer

Building America's Next Generation Infrastructure to Power Our Future.

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