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Jack Hand

Jack Hand

Former CEO & Chairman

Jack Hand serves as an Advisor to Grid United, leveraging his more than 40 years in the Energy and Power sectors, primarily in power generation and delivery. Currently, Jack is Chairman of the Energy Subcommittee at the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), where he focuses on regulation, legislation, and developing awareness of new grid technologies as low carbon power sources.

Over his two decades at the helm of Power Engineers, Jack led the company from 230 employees and $28M in gross revenue to 2,300 employees and $465M in gross revenue.

Jack has also served in the following capacities: Advisor for the Znofnass Program at Harvard Graduate Business School for Sustainability; Chairman for American Council of Engineers (ACEC) Water, Energy & Environmental Committee; Advisor to Jingoli Power; Advisor to EFCG; and President of the Board for the local Fly Sun Valley Alliance.

Jack received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Kansas State University.